• Lake Placid

    Lake Placid


    I’ll fuck with this and Congo any day of the week.

  • Slam



    I don’t know…something along the lines of Luca Marinelli, slam, and me.

  • The Karate Kid

    The Karate Kid


    Could have used a drunk Randy Marsh stumbling in at the end of the tournament, singing you’re the best around, punching anyone who got in his way.

  • Fargo



    I can't believe I've never logged this before.

    Peak Coen.

  • They Call Me Jeeg

    They Call Me Jeeg


    Porn, pudding and baby oil? My man knows how to live.

    (Fabio/Gypsy - we stan an unashamed king)

  • Cujo



    Fuck Tad.

    Also give that dog all the Oscars.

  • Martin Eden

    Martin Eden


    I think the only acceptable time to invite a stranger on a train to come live with you and your two young children is if they are Luca Marinelli.

    I wish the ending of this didn't feel so rushed because otherwise I would have absolutely loved this film.

  • Trust



    In terms of kidnap scenarios, I would please like this option where I get to spend a gorgeous afternoon, a beautiful countryside in Italy as my backdrop, as I laze next to a stream with Luca Marinelli.

    It's well made, great performances but definitely could have been compressed by at least two episodes as it drags in spots.

    Primo > everything

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife


    A painful two hour reminder that Harold Ramis is dead.

  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard


    Accents are why I shouldn't watch movies while also playing games on my phone. Took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize that the kid from Harry Potter was a CEO in big pharma and not some sort of farmer.

    I didn't think it was terrible but I don't think I would say it's good. I also wasn't paying attention, so...take as you wish.

  • Space Jam

    Space Jam


    If Michael Jordan approaches you on a basketball court and tells you to touch his ball, you do it — no questions asked.

    Day 31 of #DecemberDateWithDanny

  • L.A. Confidential

    L.A. Confidential


    Note to self: make sure I can pass a fitness test if there’s a chance I’ll ever meet James Cromwell.  

    Day 29 in #DecemberDateWithDanny