Thirty Days of Tom (Hardy)

A month where I watch only Tom Hardy movies.  If he’s not in it, I’m not watching it.
That’s 37 movies, 5 shorts and 1 deleted Star Wars scene over 30 days.  Can I do it?

It started with Venom, which then lead to the need to watch do you say...more well rounded Tom Hardy film.  A palette cleanser if you will.

My partner saw me watch two of his films back to back and from the innocent question of “so we only watch Tom Hardy movies now?” a challenge was born.   (My answer was: “I’ll do you one better, I’ll watch ALL the Tom Hardy movies.”)

Date Range: April 26 - May 25, 2019


Not listed but watched: Tommaso.  I don’t know how to rate this 1 min short, as it’s in Italian.

What Are My Top 5 Tom Hardy Films:
1) Mad Max: Fury Road
2) Bronson
3) The Drop
4) Locke
5) Warrior