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This review may contain spoilers.

31 Nights of Horror, #4

My thoughts, in order of occurrence:

(Opening scene) This feels like it’s giving too much away. 

(First scene with the main characters) Alright, damn. Honestly, if this were just about this situation, I’d still watch it. I didn’t even think Annabelle Wallis was a good actress but I guess I’m wrong.

(When Regina shows up) *internally reciting jokes about “dignified black people” per MRS Wanda Sykes*

(When Sydney shows up) who is this Florence Pugh knock off?

(When Mckenna Grace shows up) Get this James Wan schmoney, Mckenna!!

(At the end of the chase scene) When George Young says “fuck me” you simply say “okay”

(About halfway or a little more through) this feels so obvious

(During the reveal) if this isn’t a compelling case for abortion, I don’t know what is

(Right after the reveal) aha, not as obvious as I thought. Go off, I guess.

(During the holding cell scene) was does this blonde bitch remind me of Carrie Coon? Also, I’m so sorry Carrie Coon, so sorry an ugly bitch like this would say that about you

(At the end) Honestly her smiling in the hospital bed is funny

Overall thoughts: this was so fun and unhinged and I loved the score and will definitely rewatch this next spooky season.

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