Line of Sight ★★½

With this film, Lucas Brunelle has done a thing that no one else could. For years he's been filming alley cats around the globe and managed to capture those intense moments messengers experience while racing to the next checkpoint.
The material he shot is awesome, the audience gets to see all the action as Brunelle always keeps the pace with the riders and most importantly never feels the urge to turn his head around to see what's going on around him.
Imagine that: You speed a red light to cross a heavily trafficked intersection and the only thing you care about are not the cars but to focus your helmet camera on the rider in front of you.

Too bad the film doesn't live up to its source material. It feels as if director Benny Zenga couldn't decide on what to do with the film. Should it be a portrait of a scene and some of its protagonists? Should it be a documentary on bike messengers competing in dangerous races? Or should it be just like a skate video that compilates the best scenes of everyone involved? The film combines a lot of (read: too much) different ideas and approaches and therefore just feels ill-conceived and half-baked. Too bad, it could have been a really interesting view into the alley cat scene.