Alexandra Bolda

Alexandra Bolda

Call me Alex, I'm 21.

I'm just trying to improve my knowledge of film, writing and all things good.

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  • Zoolander 2

    Zoolander 2


    4. Zoolander 2

    If this weren't a sequel, I'm sure it would flop; and if I weren't on a date, I probably would never have seen this.

    The film will play on your nostalgia of Zoolander 1, and in my opinion, comedy has kind of grown since then, no? Saying that, it didn't stop me having a few laughs, in particular Zoolander's reluctance to get Facebook.

    I'd say it's for the fans of the first film, and if you were…

  • Room



    3. Room, 2015

    The story of Room is one that is both chilling and absolutely nightmarish. The audience is held captive from the start as we see Jake (Jake Tremblay) and Ma's (Brie Larson) unfulfilling life in Room, and are immediately sympathetic when we see Jake's ignorance to the world, and also to the banality of their lives.

    Lenny Abrahamson has outdone himself with the casting and directing of the two leads performances. You can literally see affection radiating from…

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  • Joy



    1. Joy, 2015

    As a little challenge to myself, I decided to watch 100 films in 2016, and I decided to kick off the list - and the new year - with Joy.

    I was bored by Joy. I quite frankly felt like going out for a smoke half way through the film, and I'm not a big smoker either. As well as being a little bit boring, and quite literally about mops, the film didn't quite flow. It was…