Carol ★★★★

2. Carol, 2015

After Joy, I figure I'd continue my trend of watching films titled after the female lead, and I'm glad I did.

Carol is a beautiful love story told through subtle glances, and tender touches. A hats off performance to Rooney Mara (who, lets face it, just has to play Audrey Hepburn in a biopic) and Cate Blanchett. The romance they share is delicate and as such is reflected by stunning shots; soft reflections against car windows, rain trickling down reflective surfaces, shots tainted with a golden hue. It's all masterfully done and mimics the story well.

Beautifully written, and though some would argue the pacing is slow, I'd argue that it's appropriate given the content. Slowing down the romance only imitates what life was like for a closeted lesbian in 1950s New York. The viewer is forced to look between the lines and analyse lingering looks, which is vastly different to your typical romances you see in mainstream cinema, and I find that refreshing.

A shout out to Cate Blanchett for the most heart breaking, and gut wrenching "I love you" I've ever seen delivered in cinema, and TV at that. She really is on top of her game here, and I can't imagine a single person delivering the performance of Carol as well as her.

All in all an incredible film about a beautifully delicate love story with cinematography to match. I can't fault a single thing about this film.


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