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  • Get Out
  • The Thing
  • The Godfather: Part II
  • Army of Darkness

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  • Invincible


  • Spirited Away


  • To Kill a Tiger


  • Red, White and Blue


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  • Invincible



    You would know this kid is doomed even without the opening scene. Left in the wake are people in his life who couldn’t find a way to understand or reach him. This felt real (minus the surreal shot of him in the water), and it’s not surprising it’s based on an actual teenager.

    I don’t have the answers for dealing with teenage mental health issues. Hell, I don’t have the answers for dealing with adult mental health issues. I just know that you have to try.

    If you have a moment to check it out I sports movie podcast called Fields of Glory.

  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away


    The fluidity of movement with the hand drawn animation is amazing. Apparently this Miyazaki guy is pretty good.

    I did an entire episode deconstructing the themes on A Cosmic Void. I still haven't figured out what a dumpling token is, though.

Popular reviews

  • Pachyderm



    This short is incredibly subtle. You will understand the trauma laced into nostalgia without it feeling overwhelming. The animation looks hand painted, like a fairy tale book that wasn’t necessarily intended for children. In a few short minutes we know Louise and her grandparents, and we understand what the looming threat is. But it’s quite, unfortunately, like so many of these real life stories are.

    If your down for something else frightening listen to Watch No Evil.

  • Robot Dreams

    Robot Dreams


    There’s a lot to love in this cartoon. First off, the only words are in songs. And the main song is Earth Wind & Fire’s September. The next thing to love is it’s heart breaking and heart filling portrayal of a dog friendship (romantical undertones) with a robot.

    Robot Dreams fills me with the feels. And I swear if somebody says something akin to emotionally manipulative…look. Emotions might be cringe, but they’re important. And it's not a bad thing to wear them on your sleeve from time to time.

    If you like this review check out my movie podcast A Cosmic Void.