Kick-Ass ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

This movie is really good at creating a comic book vibe. It is the perfect balance (unlike Scott Pilgrim) of dark real world themes and fun comic book themes.

I love the aspect of the three merging storylines. To me the story of Damon and Mindy Macready was the most fascinating and well thought out. The relationship they have is undoubtedly a unique one but it plays well as it develops up until Damon's death.
Then there's the storyline of comic book nerd Dave. How his social life is represented is pretty cut and paste, but I love his superhero life. He's the loveable underdog who gets bailed out time and time again by more capable heroes.
The third storyline is that of Chris and Frank D'Amico. Their relationship is definitely strained but there's still love there. It sets up well for Chris to become the supervillain after Frank is killed.

The aesthetic of this film is awesome. The script is natural, hold for the dialogue between Mindy and Damon. The editing is really crisp throughout. Great mix of action and comedy in this one makes for a good time.