Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★½

This hour and thirty one minutes has everything I love about film
- Teen angst
- Relationships that reflect reality
- Characters that reflect reality
- Coming of age story
- Awkward humor
- Dark humor
- Lame humor
- GREAT soundtrack
- Raw emotion

I just want to start by saying that Saoirse Ronan has my heart.. and she can keep it. She is just soooooo good, quirky, and down right adorable. She nailed the teenage angst perfectly.
I think the best example of this is when she goes dress shopping with her mother for Thanksgiving. Lady Bird and her mother are getting in a little argument when she suddenly gets distracted by the perfect dress. So well executed, but hard to explain if you haven't seen it.

This film does such a great job of capturing a snapshot of a real family. There is enough balancing of humor, drama, light heartedness, and sadness throughout that you're never bored.

Instantly one of my favorites. When will I learn my lesson and just see these films when they come out?!
This will be the film I annoyingly suggest to everyone I talk to for the next six months.

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