The Exorcist ★★★★

This movie is really scary!

I remember watching it as a child and being in disgust. It was so shocking to see this little girl as the embodiment of Satan.
Now rewatching is as an adult I find out not only is it still scary, but it's actually a good film! It is still very surprising to see and hear some of the things that Linda Blair does. Masturbating with a cross is right up there with some of the crazier things I've seen in a movie.

The characters have so much more depth than most horror film characters. Another thing that sets this apart from most horror films is how good the acting is. You can have the best characters ever written, but if the actors aren't great the characters will never play correctly. Fortunately, in this film every actor absolutely nails their role.

The special effects and makeup hold up very well! This is really apparent during the scenes where the exorcism is actually taking place. That poor little 12 year old girl was made to look so terrifying, bravo.

The score of this film is so iconic. But I noticed that it is rarely heard throughout the film. This makes it really pop whenever it is played.

If you're a fan of super natural horror films you'll love The Exorcist.