Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die #14
Mulholland Drive Dir.David Lynch
Not going to pretent like I understood anything that happened after Watts and Harring had sex(which btw is one of the sexiest scenes I have ever seen),but this is probably my favourite Lynch movie.
I love the way David mixes light and darkness in all of his work and here he takes the lights of Hollywood and finds the darkness behind them.While I was watching this I was getting Eyes Wide Shut vibes.
Lynch sucked me into his world very quickly.He gave me a very original concept,a moody cinematography and some haunting music and I was immediately hooked.
And while Lynch immerses you into his world,he also finds ways to make the whole thing fun.David satirises the Hollywood system and so there is a lot of humor to be found here that worked really well in my opinion.
For some reason David Lynch movies are like therapy for me.I know that sounds weird so let me explain.Although Lynch's movies are very dark for some reason I smile when I finish them.David takes all of my fears and my negative feelings that I keep under the surface and with his cinema he takes all of the things I mentioned and bringes them out of me.I can't really describe how that happens.It's really hard putting it into words but he makes me less anxious by the end of his movies.
He is probably the best at capturing nightmares.Surreal nightmares.Nighmares that we keep deep inside us.So when he uses cinematography,editing,sound,writing and the perfomances to put the nightmares into the screen,the viewer has to experience them and then leave them behind him.Or at least that always happens to me.
Anyway,I only giving this a 9 because I really need to rewatch it and understand what the fuck was happening in the third act.But this is close to a 10.A very interesting look at Hollywood and identity.Perfectly shot,amazingly written with the perfomances that are kind of wooden but that's the point.And who could forget that creepy burned dude.The movie deserves a way deeper analysis,but it's 12:43 a.m right now and I need sleep.
David is the best at what he does.And David needs to do a wizard of oz remake.

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