Scream ★★★½

halloween movies marathon #2
Wes Craven costantly making fun of people that unironically believe that horror movies can turn teenagers into murderers. Craven deconstructs the narrative of every horror film he has made,and every other horror movie that wasn't made by him. He deconstructs every tired trope,every chiche every rule and every pattern,but by making a meta film that at this point is iconic,he doesn't mock any other movie.Instead he creates a love letter to them. Because Craven understands that those tropes and those rules are the things that make horror movies iconic and fun to watch. Craven is self aware,in the best way possible. He blends slapstic comedy and splatters in an effortless way,creating something that feels old and familiar but also refreshing and totally unique. The movie is probably the most 90's thing ever created but in a fascinating way,it never feels outdated. Wes is looking back at his iconic legacy,he creates a wonderful homage but also a hilarious deconstruction of the horror genre,and by doing so he reminds us the reason why we watch and love horror movies.

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