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  • True Lies

    True Lies


    "Aww, but she could be so hot if she wanted to. She's like all these babes, you get their pilot lit, they could suck start a leafblower. And she's got the most incredible body too and a pair of titties that make you wanna stand up and beg for buttermilk. Ass like a ten year old boy! "

    Captures the essence of the film quite nicely.

  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

    Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


    Walking out of the theatre I was consumed by the same rush I felt from Mad Max: Fury Road,
    the Ho#y*hitBestActionMovieEverMo*herf#ck⁉
    kinda vibe. And after a few days of pondering, well my mind hasn’t changed. Not to mention while leaving my brother turns to me and hushes in a solemnly hilarious manner in reference to Anderson's direction, "After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things. Terrible! Yes. But great. "
    I nearly choked.

    Ahh simply put pure free-range wild action cinema energetically…

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  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds


    “There's a special rung in hell reserved for people who waste good scotch. Seeing as how I may be rapping on the door momentarily...”
    “I must say, damn good stuff, Sir.”

    Inglorious Bastards is some damn good stuff!
    I despise some of the lame criticism Tarantino gets on being a dialogue driven and viscerally violent filmmaker. Does it is make him any less of an artist then Malick or Tarkovsky? No. Artist paint with different brushes and strokes. His greatest…

  • Arrival



    Stuff all the Roland Emmerich’s of this world into a boat and let it sink. We need more Denis Villeneuve’s. Arrival meditates on first contact questions I have long pondered but never voiced. Lensed to a purposefully and forcefully perceptive intent orientated meeting of language, sound, discourse and meaning. Sewing together time and memory, a touchingly beautiful retrospection transiently fleeting. Right from the opening scene you know the subplot is integral, a fast shot of life, raising one’s kids. Paralleling…