A Subconscious Stream ★★★★★

Eli Hayes films are ever so natural. They go beyond the realm of palpable senses, a universal vision that relates through the innermost arcane of thoughts and memories, beauty in the moment yes but also all the sides of reality and psyche.
In A Subconscious Stream he paints the most vividly I have seen from him yet with the unwavering hand of substantiality on this journey of conscience and reverie. An orphic tone poem of the current, and the past boundlessly expressed gracefully across America’s ambience, swaying with the wind and drifting through the mind while searching for impressions. And although the composition is eclectic in formal arrangement of vast pieces Eli has captured over the years, each segment builds upon the next ~ shifting around like clockwork and seemingly structured to perfection. However, the flow of our subconscious isn’t perfect. Trying to remember those moments, images/sounds, auras that affected us is fragmentary at best. So to watch A Subconscious Stream is to journey with Eli to those stops in all the kingdoms of consciousness, whilst also relating and venturing back to your own. Shots and music choices feel preordained, as if it’s all set out before hand to evoke certain responses and sentiments, but we know from what I just explained it’s more whimsical and majestic then that.

It’s truly a beautiful feeling.

Influences can be noted no doubt, we all know the man likes his Malick ... As do I, he’s my favorite filmmaker by miles. However, Eli’s films reek of a powerful individuality, a cinematic eye that is distinctly personal and deserves all our attention, and one I cannot wait to see where it goes in this world.

Over 60 min of unclouded introspectively soothing daydreams.
Definitely my cup of tea or rather my kind of milkshake,
I drink it up!!!

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