Batman Begins ★★★★★

Conceivably the tightest blockbuster ever made and the blueprint on how to start a trilogy off the right way. Batman Begins is the most relatable of all Batman films, here we had find Bruce at Year One. Finding his identity in this pragmatically established Gotham. Honest, grounded and realized beyond belief Christopher Nolan truly had a grasp on the character, thus creating the most defined vision to date. And when I mean tight I’m mostly referring to the assembly and script of the film, making Batman Begins the perfect package. Its also a gripping and highly investing teacher student relationship. Bruce and Ra’s interactions are pure knowledge and understanding, possibly the best moments throughout the trilogy. Moments like Bruce having the willpower to choose not to kill the criminal Ra’s was demanding him too. One of the best descents into any crime world put to film, unbelievably rich and singular in its journey. Simply plotted and told yet highly cunning at the same time. Batman Begins was my childhood.

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