Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

Zack Snyder’s deconstructive and seemingly nihilistic take on our favorite American heroes is a modern masterpiece of the superhero genre, the best of the decade by leagues. And boy do people hate seeing them deconstructed to the bone and played within a chaotically told punkish whirlwind of big ideas. And I cannot understand why. I was captivated to see Batman and Superman on screen together for the first time. An experience I’ve waited my entire life to see and feel.

Succumbing to a comparative culture , Batman vs Superman was labeled a fraud of the genre, nearly out casted. It lacked the ingredients that a modern audience would associate as a good film, at the least in this genre. But Warner Bros and Zack were not dismayed from their course, making an actual piece of film, where you feel a director’s personal touch and vision. At least Zack isn’t afraid to do what he wants and that’s commendable in its own right, as any great filmmaker should stay true to himself. This film oozes with Zack's ambitious style and I love every second of it. It’s eclectically and tumultuously in your face with themes, ideas, and moments.

On another note, Nerdwriter is one of my favorite film Youtubers and his video on the film pointing out Snyder’s inherent fascination with imperative moments is as usual great content. But if anything for me it enhances my love of the film. Those moments he creates are unforgettable…. ringing true to every fiber of my being.

- A Beautiful Lie Opening Sequence
- Batmans’ First Appearance
- The Entire Gladiator Match (Holy Fuck)
- Martha Sequence (I absolutely love it)
- This is My World Sequence
- Batman Clears the Room of Thugs

Upon watching the film in Imax and then the extended cut when released I can safely say it is one of the finest looking blockbusters ever. Ranging from all the effects, stunt choreography to Larry Fong’s gorgeous cinematography, which was a godsend to get him back. Man of Steel missed him dearly, hilarious they went and got the Transformers cinematographer, I wonder did they need a professional in filming buildings falling over and shaky cam. Rendering Zack’s film form almost obsolete. Thanks heaven WB gave him what seems to be full control with 250million $ on BvS. This is Snyder at full prowess.
Hanz Zimmer and Junkie Xl score is a work of art. I own the vinyl and listen very frequently.

Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg portrayals are so well acted and realized respectively. This Lex Luthor is different from other versions, people were expecting the businessman JL/JL:U version, but they got the tech billionaire Lex whose sensibilities are a cross between Heath Ledgers Joker almost and Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in the social network. And Ben Affleck’s Batman is unquestionably the highlight of the film. The first time Batman can truly be described as a force of nature in film. This is a Batman fully unhinged. He has lost hope for humanity years ago it seems like and the 9/11 like events of Man of Steel have not helped. Skewing his perception of the world, the meaning of a hero and Superman. His actions are based on a somewhat different moral code than some may be used to but for me I’ve seen Batman go to any lengths necessary in comics and other mediums so I’m used it. Which is why I fancy this portrayal of Batman more than any. Its not my favorite Bruce Wayne performance, but still a great dame Bruce Wayne in Affleck I see. I cannot wait to see his Batman’s new found sense of hope in Justice League. A reconstruction of our heroes is on the horizon, as Superman will come back as well. Completing his cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Doubtful another DCEU will reach these same heights, considering the backlash against Zack and the film. I don’t think Warner Brothers has the balls to release another film like this either.

It's sacred to me.

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