Das Boot ★★★★½

"So, what's it like down there, in a submarine?"
"It's... quiet"
"Quiet? Hmm"

When fear has withered away, and all remembrance of normal hardship forgotten in the forlorn fright, in the chilly lifelessness of this tin can in the abyss its hard not to taste and understand the neurosis, even when that is not the main goal here. Das Boot might as well translate to drive and perseverance, job is life. THE JOB. THE OBJECTIVE. These men perspire resoluteness whilst stuck in each other’s stench with the aura of a kettle going off, a steamy purgatory. The narrative impact is obscure and observant watching a mission from start to finish with perhaps no real characters is relative to the task, like watching an animal hunt on the Discovery Channel. Best way to describe the inner workings of a WW2 sub on the prowl would be nitty-gritty, spending most of your time here in only a handful of rooms, giving the camera barely any leeway for movement, crowded and confined it forms a rigidness and structure to the aberration. Disciplined delusion. The high frequency pulses and echoes of subsonic sonancies forged by studs exploding from their grooves and pressures of every kind are convulsing. Wolfgang Petersen constructs a behemoth of exploit and peril, where the tension of incoming death has never been materialized so well into this kind of film.

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