Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★★½

All I can picture is Rupert Sanders playing Jenga hoping it all doesn’t crash in on himself while attempting to make this.

Before we start lets get this tiny blurb out of the way.
When race of character is first and foremost your leading basis for critique (if ever), you’re losing yourself in the meaning of the images. Taking things a tad to literal. The Ghost in the Shell universe is as multicultural as can be, different yes but still of the same nature as the clustered and diverse streets of all the dystopian sci-fi’s (eclipsing gender and society). Major is for all intents and purposes a white cyborg. Casting Scarlett Johansson - $$$. This is a Hollywood sci-fi tentpole trying to bring another wave of people into the world of anime for godsakes. The way the system works gents. Cries of whitewashing ring hollow for the most part nowadays. People are too caught up with the way things appear and not what they authentically mean and do. If so you’ve missed key elements to Rupert Sanders early career mini opus of sorts. He disassembles the whole lot of it, throwing it all in a juicer and rendering it to its base constituents of form-to-form, political interests, cybernetic divinity/bodily restrictions(self-consciousness) , and discovering what truly defines you. Only to recondition it thoughtfully and neoterically in the simplest of ways. Perfecting the pseudo-plastique layered over so many modern blockbusters of recent years. Less allegorical, illustrative and complex than Oshii’s first two films of the series, nonetheless it is definitely not half-baked as some would lead you to believe, my god it is essentially astute in manifestation and as far from obtuse as possible. It was a breath of fresh air being more relaxed and less opaque than the original. It pushes forward with the kinetic impulse, vitality, playfulness and vividly stimulating coloration of technical marvels such as Speed Racer. Yet with slight doses from the slow burn of all the great sci-fi’s, dually as thoughtful as it is riveting in its kinoesque action that ranges from visually tactful to tranquilly facile. Blade Runner *Light*.
- Out in the day/No rain/Dozens of liberally used neon colors
/Transcendent cinematography/Synths by Mr. Mansell.
I’m in awe.

Ghost in the Shell is the most intellectual, serenely beautiful and entertaining sci-fi to which all others this year will be held.

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