Knight of Cups ★★★★★

A drifting odyssey of consciousness
in and out of realities heartache
A stranger to many as all light blurs
Is this life real? Seems to be bottomless
Lived for others and never for myself
Magic pearls, holy mountains lost in the
heavens, sex, commitment is a rock that
can’t be broken into without oneself
Hands glisten across water and sand, birds
soar, beautiful women in the sun, an
epic experiential expression
Love can be vast while empty, no words
Distance, misdirection and a lost will
to affection, eternal void until

Meaning is placed with perception, the life you choose and its significance is entirely up to you. Its yours to live, experience life. Are parts of it shallow, masquerading around, the fake smiles, yes. The tonal movements portray this. Knight of Cups can be dark, superficial, vein, full of light, optimistic, and touching all at the same time. Malick's technique is reaching new heights in its use of emotions. Ever evolving the medium as we know it.

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