Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★★

Walking out of the theatre I was consumed by the same rush I felt from Mad Max: Fury Road, the Ho#y*hitBestActionMovieEverMo*herf#ck⁉
kinda vibe. And after a few days of pondering, well my mind hasn’t changed. Not to mention while leaving my brother turns to me and hushes in a solemnly hilarious manner in reference to Anderson's direction, "After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things. Terrible! Yes. But great. "
I nearly choked.

Ahh simply put pure free-range wild action cinema energetically challenging, PWS Anderson pushing the franchise to the extreme, attempting something new and inspired as each time he’s taken a crack at it. Nearly reaching the highs of the last installment. The Final Chapter is another entry into the nerdvana grandiosterpieces, the Revenge of the Sith’s, the Resident Evil: Retribution’s, the Speed Racer’s if you will. Films that are happily content within their boundaries, only downside being on the outside in for most of the general audience they seem kinda terrible. I’m not saying you need to look through a ~different perspective~ or ~with a certain eye~. To me the filmmaking efforts, genius and dauntless audacity on display are more than obvious you just have to actually try. It’s noisy and intrusively probing at our cinematic comprehension. Ballsiest entry in the saga.

Frames collide and fall in on each other, deconstructing and exaggerating to the point of devilishly beautiful imitation of modern and out of date. A poetically illusory composition of two pieces of sheet metal grinding against one another. A whirlwind of maniacal like editing, arty PS2 graphics (feels like a early 2000’s masterpiece released in 2017), sparsely dynamic anthological flashbacks sown together beyond any sort of infinite expressiveness, the swelling and slamming of the *jump scares* are experimental raucous of sorts ringing every so often to induce just a bit a light seizure. No biggie guys. The unsuppressed zoom in’s and out’s, those few shots in the film where miles or meters are covered in seconds are gorgeously tangible, whether it be a zoom to Alice or one that covers a zombie army. Technical marvel of all sorts, avant-garde kind of shit. These films just keep getting better.

Just another normal day fighting the good ol apocalypse in the Resident Evil verse.
I guess it’s all over…
For now.

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