Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

Getting the Suicide Squad to go after the Enchantress is a fallacy in itself. Its like asking the Justice League Dark to go after Darkseid or the Green Lantern Corps to investigate Lex Luthor. The premise is flawed but yet because of my deep love for these characters I still found lots of enjoyment to be had. Its loud, obnoxious and satisfies I guess. I was definitely disappointed in a greater sense, especially after being blown away by Batman vs Superman. Suicide Squad lacks most of David Ayer trademarks, and feels robotic at times. Almost like a commercial or uninspired music video. Its moments of heart don't sink in as they should. I saw people in the theatre crying as Harley won the day at the end (sigh), but for me the same emotional resonance was no where to be found. To me this is Warner Brothers listening to heavily to the Batman vs Superman naysayers, a product unsure of what to be. Just depressing to watch as my hopes where so high.
Ahh well onto Wonder Woman and Justice league.

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