The Thing

The Thing ★★★★★

Sink into madness, doubt and suspicion. Feel the frost, the foreboding doom and its opaque essence. Unearth which one of these men carries amongst him the devil. An assimilating creature or entity perhaps that works through strange biological means and possession. Unknowns make your brain flow with imagination. Think, feel, see, touch and hear it all. John Carpenter crafts out of a block of ice his own sculpture of David. And it stands strong in its spot to this day. Looming over the horror genre. The Thing test and pokes at the darkest recesses of your mind. The anonymity of it all is honestly horrifying. Can you trust your fellow mate?

Stuck in a claustrophobic Antarctica. I think not. The backdrop intensifies the syrupy aura. No help is on the way and that’s about the only thing you do know. Its such a great dabble in sci-fi as well. Even though following the conventional sci-fi plot. It’s nonetheless Alien quality. Much like that film as well possibly overshadowed by the horror and dread.

Ennio Morricone’s score is as simple as Jaws but much more somber and discreet. Sounds like a heartbeat in reverse. Baneful euphony. Dean Cundey graces our eyes with as always sumptuous camerawork. I’ll weirdly describe it as being suspenseful. His snowy and blizzard covered blue ambience is perfect. Sprinkled in with visual clues. The effects here are the some of the best ever to be created by human hands. Gooey and heinous wouldn’t even begin describe it.

John Carpenter makes here the kind of art filmmakers dream of making. I’m talking about people like Kubrick, Tarkovksy or Bergman. The expression of their art is individual meanwhile Carpenter’s is all encompassing. His energy is universal and making normally blockbusters meaning his films and in this case The Thing more nostalgic and culturally relevant.

I cannot applaud this film enough. Along with Halloween probably the greatest horror films ever made. No question.

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