The Lure

The Lure ★★★½

This was sold to me as "A Polish Horror Musical where two goth mermaids join a strip club and start a band, but kill nasty men by moonlight." And... that's exactly what I got! When I think of Polish movies, my thoughts go to the realism of Kieslowski or Pawlikowski or Holland, so it's very cool to see this version of Poland.

The original title is "Córki dancingu", which is the name of the band from the movie. That title translates to english as "Daughters of Dancing". So "The Lure" is a fine title and all (and the english translation of the movie refers to the name of the band as "The Lure" as well), but I wonder if making the title of the movie the metaphorical theme of the movie isn't a bit heavy-handed. Not sure if that was a creative or marketing choice.

The songs are very hit-and-miss, and they span a variety of genres. The movie is at its best when it adopts the Hedwig and the Angry Inch style of musical: using the songs played by the band to tell the story, rather than letting their everyday lives segue into song. Plot and story aside, Agnieszka Smoczyńska's direction has a strange streak, where she will let the camera linger on an unusual frame -- so unusual that it becomes a bit surreal.

This was advertised a lot as a horror movie, which feels like a huge mistake. Barely anything at all scary about this, except for the way men objectify the two young women here. No, the killing and the gore doesn't feel scary. It feels restorative, lol.

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