South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut ★★★★½

"...I'm Sorry Wendy, but I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die." - Mr. Garrison

Seeing as South Park is my second favourite show of all time, of course I love the movie as well, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut doesn't have the right to be as amazing as it is. This movie managed to save South Park seeing as Matt Stone and Trey Parker where thinking of ending things after Season 3 ended but thanks to this movie and a change in direction for the show, we got what I consider the golden years of South Park from Seasons 4 to 11 (2000 - 2007).

When Stan Marsh and his friends go see an R-rated movie, they start cursing and their parents think that Canada is to blame. This then leads to an all out war between America and Canada, and it's up to Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny to stop it.

What really strikes me about the movie compared to the show is the fact they went with a musical, and it works so flawlessly seeing as Matt and Trey know how to do songs which then led to their musical The Book of Mormon coming out in 2011. What I like about each song is how it advances the story at a brisk and fun pace, 'Mountain Town' develops the town of that all these interesting characters live in as we get introduced to who I think is the anchor for the gang and my favourite South Park character in Stan Marsh. Then we get the song 'Blame Canada' which manages to set up Mothers Against Canada becoming a force in the world led by Kyle's mom Sheila (Mary Kay Bergman), every song is catchy and memorable and you will end up buying the album seeing how good it is and it has some fantastic songs, my personal favourites are 'Up There' sung by one of the best characters in Satan as he wonders what life is like on earth, also side note his relationship with Saddam as gay lovers is comedic gold. 'Kyle's Mom's a Bitch' done by Eric Cartman is funny and this movie really gives Cartman a more leading role which helped South Park from season 4 onwards seeing as he is my second favourite South Park character and he is just so funny throughout this movie, and last but not least my favourite song in 'Blame Canada', I mean it got nominated for the Academy Award so you know it's class.

I would just like to say rest in peace to Mary Kay Bergman who voices various characters including Stan's love interest Wendy in this and Isaac Hayes who played Chef, they were fantastic during their tenures in South Park and without them I just couldn't even picture where South Park would even be if it wasn't for their contributions to this film and the show, I enjoy the cute Stan and Wendy scenes (I'm a Stendy shipper sue me) and Chef is just fantastic everytime he is on screen. Talking about characters all the well known and loved characters from the show are here including Mr. Garrison and his funny lines, Mr. Mackey and him saying Mmmmkayyy and everyone's favourite Canadian duo Terrence and Phillip. It's a shame Butters didn't become a main character until Season 5 and he is one of my favourites and I enjoy his later antics in the show, here he's basically in the background but oh well I have all seasons 1 - 20 of South Park on DVD so it's not a major complaint.

A lot of people say South Park isn't very well animated which it isn't, I am a big fan of the animation style they go with though, but they upped their game here for the animations which include some neat effects, my personal favourite one is all of Kenny's stuff after he dies as he goes to hell, and oh my god they killed Kenny again! they're bastards. Also Bigger, Longer & Uncut features fantastic writing throughout and great comedic moments, sure I prefer the Golden Years over the movie but if it wasn't for this then we may have never got those golden years.

While I find Sheila declaring war on Canada despite her adopted son Ike being Canadian to be a bit of an irk for me when it comes to this movie. 1999's South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut is fantastic all the way through, what I like about South Park is the way it tackles social issues in such an out there way, also I respect how Matt and Trey tackle them showing one side and then another, then showing what they think and their ability to make fun of just about anyone. Overall if you love South Park you will love the movie, when I talk about South Park to adults older than me most of them just laugh and think the show is just crude and stupid but it's more than that and is one of the smartest shows I have ever watched. Also I actually know people from Canada and I'm disappointed that they don't have flapping heads and say words like aboot, fwend, sorry and budday every time they talk. I guess some things are just better in the movies.


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