Wow. Woooow. Woooooooowwww. Good lord. Where's the soul, Nolan? Where's the Goddamn soul?!

This film was designed to be marketed I swear to God. No substance. No nothing. This is a theme park ride, with obnoxious spectacle and budget-flexing above an extremely weak plot riddled with terrible writing and unconvincing performances. Such a masturbatory movie.

And the sheer amount of times the film "explains" something and expects the audience to go like "woah", treating the audience like idiotic children. This film is not clever, in fact it's more eyerolling. I'd go as far as cringeworthy when the film winks expecting you to be impressed.

The overly present soundtrack blurting "DUUUUUUURRRR" every five seconds certainly didn't falsify feelings of intensity. And the editing... what the fuck is this jump cut bullshit and voiding continuity? I swear to God, Suicide Squad started this shit.

Whatever. Some shots and lighting looked cool. But this is a product, a self-congratulatory experience, not cinema. 6 Underground had more integrity and entertainment value than this.

(Yeah yeah I saw this in IMAX and the bass vibrated my asshole, so yes I had the real experience, eat shit.)

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