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  • Faces Places

    Faces Places


    Sure, this is very sweet and life-affirming and all that but I was most taken with its understatedly complex view of the natures of friendship and artistic collaboration. Whether staged or not, the final scene outside Godard's house (and particularly Varda's reaction to his message and its possible implications) hints at a much more complicated bond than the one between her and JR, the newness and playful character of which lends the film its much-celebrated effervescence. But the viewer is…

  • Taipei Story

    Taipei Story


    "Lung is more like Dad every day."

    "The price of food keeps going up."

    Generations alienated from one another by their experiences and concerns, lovers alienated from one another by the relentless momentum of capitalism and the powerlessness it engenders, a city alienating itself from its history with symbols of modernity, uniform towers filled with emptiness. And the only way out is memory, surrender or death. That final shot! A figure trapped behind glass, her eyes shielded, a distorted vision of motion, of progress, reflected on the surface. A character accepting that her future will never be the one she imagined for herself.

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