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  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    This says a whole lot about whole lot in a lotta crazy ways. Sometimes all the messages come together really well to paint a dystopian disaster, and sometimes they don't quite mesh alongside each other and all the character arcs happening. Still achieved most of it's ambitions! Really looking forward to see what comes out of Boots Riley's head next.

  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    We need more films that treat their characters with this much empathy and heart. The shear amount of yearning and worry in Kayla's character is relatable to anyone who's been an adolescent.

    Plus the realistic mix of dramatic and comedic beats is just wonderful.

    Bo Burnham keep making movies, please!

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  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?

    Won't You Be My Neighbor?


    I watched this at Alamo, which is a wonderful theater, but they put these clip reels on before their shows instead of movie trivia. And some of the clips of Mr. Rogers in the reel they played had some audience members, including the ones sitting next to me snickering, not at a joke, but at Rogers himself.

    Well when the lights came up at the end of the film I was crying, and the snickerers next to me were crying…

  • The Death of Stalin

    The Death of Stalin


    This film would've killed in the 80s.

    It's not the cold war anymore though (at least not the same one). And Stalin's persona in the public imagination doesn't seem to line up with that of a man who killed millions of his own people. If you're wondering the estimates range anywhere from 3 to 50 million depending on your use of the words 'responsible for the death of', but even the low estimate is horrifying and it seems to be…