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  • The Death of Stalin

    The Death of Stalin


    This film would've killed in the 80s.

    It's not the cold war anymore though (at least not the same one). And Stalin's persona in the public imagination doesn't seem to line up with that of a man who killed millions of his own people. If you're wondering the estimates range anywhere from 3 to 50 million depending on your use of the words 'responsible for the death of', but even the low estimate is horrifying and it seems to be…

  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    Well that was fantastic, and if you know me irl, then you knew I was going to say that. I'm just another member of the horde of Wes Anderson fanboys (or should I say fan-good-boys?) that is going to love whatever he puts out, and so it is again with Isle of Dogs.

    What else is there to say about this film though? Anderson is one of the top directors at the moment, and his films offer a whole lot…

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  • Thoroughbreds



    I'm still not sure why this is divided up into chapters, but it is, and the first chapter is really wonderful.

    That first chapter is saturated in these close ups that aside from showing off the porcelain skin of the thoroughbred rich girls, completely flips the common use of a close up on it's head. Typically close ups are a portal for a character's emotions and a signal to the audience of which characters to empathize the most with on…