12 Years a Slave ★★★½

Yeah, this should definitely not have stole the Oscar that year, most of the films nominated are superior films. This film isn't bad, but got some issues, like it would be nice to know how many years has passed by from time to time, It felt more like 12 weeks, not 12 years.

I also feel that I should feel something for the character, but it just failed to make me care abut anything, like off course it is hard to watch someone getting whipped like crazy, but it didn't do anything to me.

(Not really a spoiler here, but whatever) The most touching part of the film is when the daughter tells him the name of his grandson, but it's actually ruined by a sloppy line delivery that sounds like swearwords, making the scene funny.

The film looks pretty good tho and I like Fassbender's outfits, sometimes he doesn't care, and the next minute he is dressed like a pirate.

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