Music ★½

Didn't really want to watch this, but couldn't resist when I saw the almost unprecedented rating on the site. At the same time I had heard about the controversy beforehand, which also made me a bit interested.

The first 5 minutes I laughed and I know I'm going directly to hell for it, but that must have been because of the absurdity and how fast they hit you with all, but after that the laughter instantly died off and the possibility of me laughing again for the right reasons was crushed by the shitty intentional funny bits of the film.

I can't really say I think this movie comes from anywhere else than a good place, to me Sia seems to have good intentions but lacks the right experience and people around her to guide her through it and make the right decisions.

The 'main'? character of Music comes of as little bit of a stereotypical version of a person who has been diagnosed with autism, but I have to say that I have through school, work and life met people on the spectrum who very much resemble Music in expression and speech, but at the same time I have met many others who are not at all alike and many nobody would ever guess were not 'atypical'. I would at the same time, in Sia's case, be careful guessing og trying to express how anyone (or a group of people) sees or interprets the world around them, especially since every person thinks and feels differently. I'm also not going to give Maddie any shit either since she was 14 years old when filming this.

Not taking this other stuff into account it's not really any good, It looks competent and the transition between movie and dance is good if you ask me. The main issue is that the character of Music just feels like a vessel for the others around here, and yes they have their issues also and are 'interesting' characters, but I feel Music gets pushed aside and It's about how hard it is to take care of her while battling your own demons or whatever. It just becomes a mess and you don't know who is in focus and what they are actually trying to tell.

The nomination on top of this is incredible, thankfully the foreign press award means literally nothing.

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