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  • Faces in the Crowd

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  • Limitless


    I wasn't expecting this film to take me away by storm—but it did. The brilliance of the ending makes this film a worthy watch.

  • Inception


    This film was iconic. The scene and story was unreal. The story has more to do with the mind of the main character, than the actions they're taking during the film—the main character's mind plays tricks on him. This is the true story, and makes this film one for the records.

    The Director states, later in an interview, the main character's item does indeed fall down.

  • Faces in the Crowd

    Faces in the Crowd

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I saw this film sitting in Recent Arrivals on iTunes. I gave it a watch with my girlfriend who is doing a phD in psychology—an important weapon to have—who validated the reason and symptoms the main character has with face blindness.

    It's a suspense thriller of sorts, that keeps you entertained. But, the film pulls a foreshadowing trick early, that may ruin it if you pick apart the plot points and put them together to solve the climax of films like I do; so, your average film watcher doesn't get confused.

    The ending is satisfying. I was engaged. Highly recommended.