Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★★

Same day last year, on my birthday, I watched this for the first time! I thought I wouldn't cry anymore since I already know the story, but heck I was wrong. Many people say Abby should have left Harper and just go with Riley. I get it, you hate Harper because of all the pain she caused Abby. I hate her actions, too. But despite that, I hate seeing someone be outed by other people other than themselves. No one should pressure you to come out. Not you parents, not your siblings, not your friends, not even the love of your life. It should be up to you when you're ready. Queer people should own their coming out story. Your readiness to come out doesn't measure how much you love a person. Abby did not pressure Harper into coming out because she thought she already did. And when she questioned Harper's love for her for not coming out, I just love how John tells her about it. "Harper not coming out to her parents has nothing to do with you. Everybody's story is different. There's your version, and my version, and everything in between."

Happy 1st Anniversary to this film! And Happy 21st birthday to me! I guess I have now my own tradition to watch this film on my birthday every year. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!

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