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  • Ghostbusters



    Quick Review:
    I insist that this is better than “Ghostbusters II”, but still a disappointment compared to the first movie.

    I understand that the plot was stupid and the characters were one-dimensional, but come on people, just because you loved the second movie as a child (or even the original one) doesn’t mean they’re good. Especially, the second was as much empty as this production!

    (?) Get over misogyny and “they throw us their SJW agenda on our faces”. You…

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    Quick Review:
    One of the rare examples where the movie gets waaaay better the second time! For me, my experience at the cinema was, if not disappointing, for sure mediocre! Watching it now, it was an absolute blast!

    The performances looked better somehow, I noticed the terrific photography and the story rolled out quicker and without getting me bored!

    Totally give this one a second chance...

Popular reviews

  • Beetlejuice



    Quick Review:
    Beetlejuice is a different family movie, that requires a pretty much grown up family or those ones that are into horror films. Its quick, its unique and above all its hilarious and lovable as hell!

    Tim Burton's stop motion is extraordinary yet again (surprising no-one) and the overall performances are from pretty good to great! The Sylvia Sidney cameos are probably the best parts of the movie. She has by far the best lines. Also, Michael Keaton is great, but Alec Baldwin and young Winona Ryder have a more normal role and managed to be memorable as well!

  • Logan's Run

    Logan's Run


    Very Quick Review:
    “Logan’s Run” reminds me of how great and innovating the first “Star Wars” movie was! Yes, it had some great score and one or two good messages, but pales in comparison...