The Kid

The Kid ★★★★★

**Original Cut, 1921, 68min version**

***”SPOILERS”*** (Although I’m not sure how one can spoil a film that’s almost 100 years old). GO SEE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED IT.
Probably one of the best stories of all time. Through the images, even if we ignore the music, we can see what Chaplin is trying to convey. A story that’s simultaneously sad and comedic. Heartwarming film that shows how poor folks make the best of their situation (e.g., Tramp’s blanket has a tear to he uses it as a poncho/robe to keep warm—might have been a poncho in the first place?, etc.) and the hustle to put bread on the table (i.e., the Kid, John, breaks the windows and the Tramp fixes them). Chaplin gives an exceptional performance as the Tramp, with body language and facial expressions as clear and straightforward as can be. The cinematography was very good, I liked the shots when we see the characters on screen move away from the camera. It looks very nice and they are also complemented, at times, by the camera angle (think the scene when the Tramp is kicking John away from him as if they’re strangers as the cop follows them). The fight scene!!! The dream sequence — creativity at its best, dissolving in an out of the sequence with the flowers and the cop. So much to say about this film, but I’ll stop here. A warm ending, but I still think that the mother had no right to ask for the child since she forfeited him as a baby. 

Definitely one of the greatest films of the silent era, as well as one of Chaplin’s best.

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