Parasite ★★★★★

Parasite is a masterpiece. It is a work of art. It is a thought provoking film that is so well paced and amazingly made that creates a whole atmosphere that gets you engaged to it, while at the same time having some of the most brilliant points to make about our society.

This movie just like all movies is split in three parts, but I feel like by splitting the film in those three parts you can "study" it better.

The first act is a good look at our wanna-be selves and our current state. You get a good look of this society we live in from the lowest and the highest position. This movie presents this world so amazingly simple and so realistically that its simple sarcasm really gets to you and have you wondering how you hadn't seen all this incredible mess before. I mean really the humor here is amazing and I laughed so many times, but the movie doesn't try to be funny, it just is, because our world is so hysterically ridiculous.

The second act is a brilliantly made and paced claustrophobic intense thriller that has you in the edge of your sit and has your heart pounding so fast, because of how amazingly shot it is. Bong Joon Ho really simply directs this movie, but he puts so much though to his easy-looking shots that are perfect. He doesn't use handheld to make anything more intense, because he understands that a simple shot of a man lying in the floor is much more intense than anything else.

Then the third act is the combination of the last two. A deep look at how cynical our society is in fact and how ridiculous some things look when in fact everyone does the same things. The maid does what the lady says, but doesn't the lady do what he son tells her? A deep look at how our society works and how each table can be spin-ed and find yourself in a place where you ridiculed before. All that leads to one of the most gut-wrenchingly realistic endings that faces that our world has its consequences and no one can escape that.

Parasite is a masterpiece. I loved this with all my heart. The acting is amazing, the direction is fantastic, the cinematography is beautiful and the writing is just flouring. One of the best scripts I have ever seen. Can't praise it enough!


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