Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

Alright really difficult to review this without spoiling, but will do my best. Spider-Man: Far From Home is a bigger movie than Homecoming. The threat is bigger this time and the adventure is bigger. That doesn't make from the simplicity of the character.

Spider-Man is your neighbourhood friend. He hasn't witnessed anything like this again and after the events of Endgame he carries a huge burden. Spider-Man in this movie has to get through some pain, while trying to live his life, while trying to help Nick Fury, while trying to save the world. And he is just a sixteen year old from Queens.

The villain in this movie takes a lot of time to come forward. The movie actually tries to build him up and while his motivation felt (as most of the time with MCU) really weak, I actually felt endangered. His powers and weapons weren't that strong, or big. Physically he was an easy target, but he could do a lot with his mind. Literally. He moved cleverly and hit Peter where he would hurt.

Now Mysterio is on the movie. Gyllenhall is amazing as the character. And they do a good job portraying the characters and his powers. He is a first in the big screen and there are two scenes where you can see what he can do and I loved them. They were brilliantly directed and they were very well made.

The action was nice, but it was really weak. I mean the whole weapons and all weren't that strong, but the characters were really strong. I really enjoyed the relationships that formed and everything around them. Overall a really fun and enjoyable movie, that I really liked.


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