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  • Miss Hokusai

    Miss Hokusai


    As a whole it's kind of scattered but individual segments of this are really lovely, and honestly I'm just grateful it even exists. It's so rare for anyone to make a film about a woman artist, much less an obscure 19th-century Japanese painter about whom little is really known. I studied Japanese art in both undergrad and grad school and never learned about Ōi Katsushika. She came to my notice a few years ago when one of her works was…

  • Gas Food Lodging

    Gas Food Lodging


    I hadn't seen this since high school and viewing it now as an adult I get so much more out of it, the complexities of the characters and their situations, the little details, the overall texture. It's a wonderful film, really.

    Also now that I've seen XANADU I have a deeper connection to Darius <3 (although it kinda bothers me he and Shade don't really get a resolution, like I wanted her to understand what was going on with him!)

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