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  • The Transgressor

    The Transgressor


    tbh I do respect the foresight of the abbess who had a trap door leading to a vat of acid just in case she needed to quickly, efficiently rid herself of any uppity nuns

  • Return of the Demon

    Return of the Demon


    Many many movies rolled into one, with literally nonstop action to the point it kinda drags because you're exhausted from all the ACTION. But I very much appreciated how bizarre it is, how it throws a million elements at you and never gives you a moment to really question the monumental weirdness of it all because every five minutes there's a new ridiculous fantasy creature or bonkers setpiece or slapstick gag. I would cut out some of the sexist bits and egregious torture scene, though.

    BEST OF ALL! Surprise Ghost Lady!!! <3 <3

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