Paterson ★★★★

One of those films that I know I could easily have hated but somehow everything came together in a way I ended up really liking. It's the most uncool movie Jarmusch has ever made and I find that kind of fascinating, plus I was getting a little bit of a Hal Hartley vibe (is it just the blue-collar poet thing?). By the end I was a little obsessed with the impossibly talented, actual artistic genius wife played by Golshifteh Farahani. At first I wasn't sure about her since she seemed like kind of a mooch, but then I realized there was literally no limit to her creativity and drive, and she was able to like stay at home all day painting, designing, sewing, cooking, baking, singing, learning to play guitar in one day, jesus christ. Plus she was really kind and supportive and seemed like a genuinely good person. No wonder Paterson wanted to spend all his time writing poems about her, I know I do.

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