The Day I Became a Woman

The Day I Became a Woman ★★★★

Pulling together 3 loosely connected shorts, THE DAY I BECAME A WOMAN is a rumination on the female experience in contemporary Iran. A solid experience overall, but like most anthology films some segments are weaker than others: the first piece is a bit clumsy, with repetitive dialogue and a young non-actor in the lead who can't quite sell the role. However, the middle segment is absolutely stunning, filmed in movement during a bicycle race as a young wife is pursued by her husband on horseback. Working on both metaphorical and literal levels, it's a really powerful piece. The final film is the most enjoyable, and slightly surreal, as a lone elderly woman collects enough furniture to fill a house in an effort to buy all the things she's never been able to have before. I loved the visual of her housewares all set up on the beach and then later on a group of makeshift rafts.

I admit I don't know much about women's experience in Iran, aside from Shirin Neshat's photos and Marjane Satrapi's PERSEPOLIS, so seeing this insight into both the details and major events of women at different ages was really interesting.