Mommy ★★★★★

i think the scene that ultimately made this my Favorite Movie Ever was steve’s first morning home; how die doesn’t knock but claims she did; how she pulls out the makeshift curtain he pinned the day before; how she picks up all his used tissues and makes him take off his underwear, all while having an argument that’s loud but unsurprisingly unorthodox; routine, almost. the two of them are such strong personalities you wouldn’t expect their relationship to work, but somehow, it does - their idiosyncrasies are in sync; their messy attempts at affection mesh together.

i also love how a lot of xavier dolan's films are centered on complicated relationships with mothers, as if he’s trying to say something to his own mom but can never get it right, so he tries and tries again, one story after the next. i guess we’re all just trying to make it up to our own mothers in our own little ways - through stories, through glances, through texts, through hugs, whatever works; we tumble and we try again; we compromise; we apologize; we reconcile; we rekindle; we ask, “we still love each other, right?”

“that’s what we’re best at, buddy.”

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