Stalker ★★★★½

Yet another absolutely masterful film from my boy Tarkovskiy. This is a director that time and time again, never fails to feature incredible acting, breathtakingly beautiful cinematography and a demonstration of true talent in regards to visual storytelling. Visual poetry, a term I used in the past to describe his films, I personally think is the best way to describe them. The masterful visual storytelling in his films always tells tales are incredibly complex and deep, tackle philosophical and existential topics, are very thought-provoking and are very meaningful. This film is no exception.

This film beautifully tackles subjects like God, human nature, morality, fate, greed, love, what the near future on Earth might look like as a whole, and that's just from my interpretations. What is so beautiful about Tarkovskiy is that there are always so many ways to interpret his work and so many angles to look at them. Most movies that discuss some important topic or issue usually have a clear meaning, even truly great ones. Tarkovskiy's movies are so surreal and dream-like, that when they tackle issues they expand the subject into many more subject, in a strange way. Just because I derived a specific meaning from this and that doesn't you will. There's even stuff like the movie's final scene that I legitimately do not know what they could mean.

As for OTHER parts of the movie, it obviously has the stuff I said all of Tarkovskiy's movies have, as well as incredibly well-written characters. These are the best characters in any of his films, period. The interactions between them are so complex and interesting and they are so well-fleshed out. Each feel so understandable and strangely real, despite the film's world being so surreal. It's a world that we do not know much about, but that's great. Because the film chooses to not show so much of its own universe, it gives more room for thought and a grander feeling of mystery, something the film very clearly drove for. Lastly, I just like the use of color. Not much more to add.

So surprise, I'm recommending something that is widely regarded as one of the best films of all time. Wowzer.