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  • The Merry Skeleton

    The Merry Skeleton

    My night began with almost watching 'Get Out' and watching 'Chicken Little' instead. Then I fell asleep multiple times throughout 'Chicken Little' and so I stopped watching it and now I watched this 36-second long short, what a increasingly disappointing night.

  • Boundin'



    Started off not so great but as the short went on, the sweeter and better it became.

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  • The Wrong Missy

    The Wrong Missy


    If 'The Wrong Missy' isn't annoying, it's either unfunny, baffling or boring.
    A major reason to NEVER watch this movie is the fact that it features two separate scenes in which the character of Missy sexually assaults David Spade's character. Revolting!

  • Ted



    I would have enjoyed 'Ted' more if they leaned more into the potential of a slice teddy bear. And instead of having a straightforward story, it would be a collection of what Ted and John get up to.

    Fans of Seth McFarlane and his work will most likely enjoy 'Ted' a lot, I just wish it was better.