Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad ★★★

Mom and Dad isn't as good as I hoped it was going to be but I still did have fun with this movie. This movie is way better if you know NOTHING about it before watching. If you don't want to know anything about it, don't read below.
Some of the highlights are Nic Cage, the wacky soundtrack and how suspenseful the movie was. Nic Cage and his overacting were perfect for this movie. It helps make something so ridiculous, even more ridiculous. The soundtrack did not suit this movie but that's not a bad thing. It made scenes that weren't pleasant and extremely dark, kinda funny as it caught you off guard and did something I didn't expect. Not saying that the terrible things that happened in this movie such as the killings of several children and a new-born child almost being bashed to death is funny, I'm just saying the soundtrack caught me off guard and made me laugh a tiny bit before realising how dark the scene that I'm watching was. This movie is filled with suspense moments. From the short opening scene that plays before a '70s theme open credits (which reminded me a lot of A Simple Favor), to the main kids running away from their parents in the house. This movie kept me wondering what will happen next. One of the biggest flaws of this movie is the overuse of flashbacks. At times I didn't know it was a flashback, at others it just put the fast-paced scene at a holt. Slowing down and losing a lot of the tension it was building up. In the end, I enjoyed this movie. It wasn't great and had it's flaws. I just wished I watched Hereditary instead.

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