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This review may contain spoilers.

I had a rethink, this movie isn't actually that great. Even though it is ranked at the bottom of the list of Horror movies I've seen (Date: 14/10/2018), doesn't mean the movie is terrible. Only a few scenes were great. The rules of the movie made no sense and the writing and editing wasn't over great either and are all over the place at times. I remember a couple of odd and weird lines said throughout this movie, majority of them were said by Nic Cage. One of the lines was something like "I wanted to grab the world by the balls, boy". That line was as out of place and weird as Deadpool saying to "Give it by the d*ck tip and make it rain" to Dopinder in Deadpool 2 (trying to make my reviews PG). Not changing my mind on Nic Cage though, he was still the best part of this movie. When he sang the 'Hokey Pokey' while smashing a pool table, that he spent all day making, with a sledgehammer, I let out a laugh. This movie is unintentionally funny at times. For a movie with such a dark concept, there should be some funny jokes that make you feel good. This movie is a very dark comedy. Would I watch this movie again? Yes, just for Nic Cage. I have a question to leave you with, HOW DID DAMON NOT DIE SO MANY TIMES?!?!?!
Edit: What is with the editing? Why are there zooms on people's chins? What is this movie?
Also, Kendall should know that I'm less than half the age of 30 and I go to the movies ALL THE TIME.

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