• The Radiator Springs 500½

    The Radiator Springs 500½


    'The Radiator Springs 500½' may be decently animated, but it isn't good enough to save this Cars Toon short from the drastic tonal clashes of self-serious and self-aware.

    Side Note (using this like an actual diary): In the afternoon today, the area where I live went into lockdown. That meant the final two shows of my school's musical weren't able to go on, which was a huge shame as every cast and crew member is so talented and the fact…

  • Loki



    Episode: 'The Nexus Event'
    Rating: ★★★★
    The story progressed into unexpected territory which was nice to see; solid twists and turns that make this a good departure from the average MCU outing.

  • Loki



    Episode: 'Lamentis'
    Rating: ★★★½
    A nice small-scale episode that built upon the characters. Quite enjoyed Loki and Sylvie's interactions and unraveling the latter's mysterious background. Still confused on some aspects of the story but it is moving along well and constantly interesting so it doesn't detract much from the experience nor pacing. Also, the simulated one-take towards the end was pretty darn good.

  • Loki



    Episode: 'The Variant'
    Rating: ★★★★
    Much better than the previous episode, despite starting out on a similar quality. Although some of the performances had moments of underwhelming directing, I had a lot of fun with the story and found the new concepts presented to be interesting. Though, with that being said, I am still confused on some elements such as how the variants work.

  • El Materdor

    El Materdor


    After several months of rehearsals, my school's musical finally had it's first public shows. I recorded the two today for my school, which was an interesting and infrequently difficult experience given my lack of skill with cameras. But I enjoyed myself and I can't wait to purse something like it in the future.

    Not amusing like the rest of the 'Mater's Tall Tales', 'El Materdor' is a watchable albeit not fairly enjoyable short.

  • Jaws



    Although my experience was hindered from being tired after my third long day of recording behind-the-scenes of my school musical and other school related activities, 'Jaws' did not disappoint.

    A tense thriller-horror with an essence of a slasher at it's fundamental core, 'Jaws' is a masterclass of blockbuster filmmaking. Superbly edited to aid the pacing and suspense, this creature feature boasts stunning sequences of excellent cinematography and staging; moments would be executed in mesmerising, long one-takes as well as being…

  • Time Travel Mater

    Time Travel Mater


    For the first time, I met a fellow Letterboxd user in the wild, which was quite cool.

    'Time Travel Mater' is just as harmless as the rest of the Cars Toon shorts except it does have slightly better animation and the most amount of coherent story.

  • Mater Private Eye

    Mater Private Eye


    Same old formula used ineahc of the Mater's Tall Tales except this time, it's a noir mystery. Simply just amusing.

  • The Lion King

    The Lion King


    I may have been a bit too tired, a little too depressed and I watched this a little too late at night, so the perfect mixed cocktail lead to an interesting experience but 'The Lion King' continues to be a classic.

    Although I currently prefer the simplicity of 'Aladdin', 'The Lion King' is still a strong contender for the best Disney can offer. Every element from the colourful animation, playful vocal performances, ambitious story, excellent music score, incredible songs and interesting characters all crescendo together into a superb animated film that is hard to not enjoy.

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    I watched a school production of 'Beauty and the Beast' last night with some friends and although it had some great elements, I didn't necessarily find myself enjoying it. So I decided to rewatch the original film to see if I possibly just don't like the story to begin with. I've come to the conclusion of "yes".

    'Beauty and the Beast' boasts some gorgeous animation, which combined with the great vocal performances amazing songs made for some spectacular and memborable…

  • Aladdin



    I've been recording behind-the-scenes of my school's musical (which is a mish-mash of show stopping hits and the final song is an 8-minute long remix of majority of the songs from 'Aladdin'. So having heard that numerous times over the past few months, I've been wanting to revisit this classic.

    'Aladdin' is truly spectacular! Visually stunning animation, beautiful songs ('Friend Like Me' is probably my favourite Disney song, so playful and enjoyable), strong and interesting characters, a well-written and structured…

  • Rescue Squad Mater

    Rescue Squad Mater


    A ridiculous and cheesy fun short film set within the 'Cars' universe, 'Rescue Squad Mater' is just as formulaic as this series comes but it still delivers the giggles.