Zodiac ★★★★★

Zodiac was amazing everything about this movie was interesting from beginning,middle,and end this was an excellent crime thriller. And this is based on a true story well done to David for directing this movie cause boy did it had my attention.

The story is incredible their was never a dull moment after the next scene it kept you interested into what was going on. The pacing of the movie was great it never let you go it takes it's time telling it's story. Learning about Zodiac and his journey thru all of his killings and why is he doing this the was well executed, their was one time where I got scared for one of his victims and I was not ready for was going to happen next. And again this was based on a true story and this movie did such a good job about a mysterious killer. The dialogue kicks this movie up to ten cause the way that their solving clues and decoding his puzzles. And the intense music that they play to make it more suspense oh my goodness.

But even tho this film had the story,dialogue, and thriller done this thing wouldn't be enough without the performances, Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith was just perfect he did such a great job truly the best one in the movie. A cartoonist who loves puzzles and when it came to zodiac he just could not stop trying to find him. And what makes this thriller so good is that when you feel like your on to something you have to keep going. This obsession that he has is very real when it to these type of situations it's almost like he's a monster who won't stop. Mark Ruffalo as Dave Toschi another good in this movie a cop who want's to find the zodiac but keeps having trouble doing so. And Robert Downey Jr. I feel like he's playing himself in a good way he was good in the movie too.

What a great movie this was a crime thriller that had something to say and it just nailed it. I'm still thinking about it right now the story is great the performances are amazing and the direction spot on.

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