Barbarella ★★★

Enjoyable cult classic, this Sci Fi action film starring Jane Fonda is one of those genre films that stands out due to its concept, off the wall acting, and effects. Barbarella is a genre classic that is quite e3ntertaining, and if you enjoy old school Sci Fi films, then you’ll definitely find this one a worthy watchable experience. The film feels like an exploitation film, and is one of those forgotten gems that deserve to be rediscovered. I felt that Jane Fonda was terrific in the role, and the story was interesting with a good script to boot. However, where the film does lack is that it feels dated and cheesy, but as a whole, it’s what makes this film unique and enjoyable to watch. The direction is solid, and the performances are quite good. This is a film that has plenty of action and a strong sense of visuals, that despite being dated, Barberella looks great and it gives it its appeal. This is easily one of the best low budget Sci Fi cult classics that you can watch. The film is a B movie affair that manages to be entertaining despite its shortcomings and it’s a film that will certainly delight genre fans. This one delivers and it certainly is a blast to watch due to its action, story and characters. This is an entertaining, and worthwhile film that definitely deserves a second glance.