Bullitt ★★★★★

For me Bullitt is one of the best classic action films ever made. Steve McQueen has captured the essence of cool with this action thriller. Frank Bullitt (McQueen) must protect a key witness from the mob, but when the witness is fatally wounded by hired hit men, Bullitt is on the trail. I believe that this film is one of cinema's greatest action films, and is also one of the best performances by Steve McQueen. this film is really cool. Bullitt is famous for it's car chase, and it's of course the center piece of the film. McQueen is solid and this is one mean performance on his part. Along with Dirty Harry, the character of Frank Bullitt is one of cinema's most electrifying cops. Bullitt is a strong cinematic experience that delivers the thrills and the action. The car chase alone makes the film a necessary viewing. This film has everything you'd expect from a Steve McQueen film. I've seen a few of his films, and Bullitt is really the one along with The Great Escape that has stood out for me. A well crafted action thriller with crime fiction thrown in to make this film a memorable view. Bullitt is a must see for anyone who enjoys classic action films. One of my personal favorites by McQueen. A classic actioner that delivers and still looks awesome after it's initial release.

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