Pretty good documentary on Antonio Barrera who has the reputation of being the most gored bullfighter in the history of the sport, the film also tackles the passion and sport of bullfighting and what attracts Matadors to the sport. Insightful, but quite short, I felt that it merely touched the surface of its subject ans so much more could have been done to make this a standout documentary. Gored may be short, but it is a film that manages to cram a lot of information into the documentary. As well, you keep asking yourself what’s the rush of putting yourself in front of a pissed off bull? Especially considering that the Matador documented in this film has been gored 23 times. Gored is a short feature, but it manages to get a good glimpse at bull fighting. Maybe if the film would have been longer, then more ground could have been covered and more aspects of bull fighting could have been explored fully, but despite this Gored gives the viewer an interesting look at this sport.

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