Housebound ★★★★

Inventive, original tale of horror, Housebound is one of those rare films that create something new and entertaining with a solid script and good acting. Housebound relies on atmosphere and effective pacing to create its scares, and it works brilliantly. Housebound is an entertaining and gripping picture that is far better than most horror films today. The film has some very good twists and turns, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. Housebound is a solid genre film that uses all the tricks necessary to create a worthwhile horror yarn. The tension steadily unfolds and with every scene, the terror becomes unhinged and memorable. Housebound is a very good film because it has everything that makes for a good horror film. Housebound relies on atmosphere to steadily build up the terror, and the script is elevated by strong performances and good pacing. Housebound is a worthwhile film to check out, and it ranks as one of the finest films in the genre of the last fifteen years. Horror enthusiasts will certainly find much to enjoy here from the well constructed characters that are very interesting to the well layered plot, Housebound accomplishes something that most horror films fail to do, generate good scares and having a solid plot with terrific performances. Housebound is a fun, engaging picture that has all the ingredients necessary for a memorable horror film. If traditional horror is something you prefer, then Housebound will surely satisfy solid horror experience. A very impressive feature that is superbly well constructed