Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★

Classic horror musical that is quite the eccentric experience, Phantom of the Paradise is a great film that boasts terrific musical numbers and brilliant performances to make this one of the defining cult films that has ever graced the screen. The film is highly entertaining from start to finish, and with brilliant direction from Brian De Palma. Along with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, this film is a film that is one of the best horror musicals, a film that is entertaining due to the fact that it’s filled with eccentric characters and over the top the performances. In that regard both films are similar, but also they each have their own vibe and atmosphere. Phantom of the Paradise was a real treat to watch, and I was surprised that I enjoyed it that much, as normally I’m not that big on musicals, but like RHPS, I quite enjoyed the film, and both rank as genre classics. However, if you’re looking for the original horror musical, then this is that film. This is a picture so bizarre, so intense and eccentric that its story, look, and acting stand out and make this film a highly memorable film. For genre fans, this is a must watch, as there is enough great moments here to appeal horror film fans as well as cult cinema enthusiasts. Brian De Palma would go on to make better films, but this still ranks as one of the defining films of his career, and it showcases his talents perfectly. This is a treat that will certainly appeal to horror buffs, and with a well thought out story, terrific performances and great musical numbers, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular cult hits of the 70’s.